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Enrollment & Registration

Students need to be withdrawn from their previous school before they enroll at South Salem High School. This is especially important for students transferring within Salem Keizer School District.

Enroll online with ParentVUE

Parent/Guardian must enroll online via ParentVUE. You will be required to upload proof of address.

  • Proof of address can be in the form of a utility bill, lease agreement, bill of sale, bank statement, etc.

Submission Process

  • The online submission will be placed in pending mode, until our Registrar has verified enrollment.
  • Parent/Guardian will be notified via email when the submission has been accepted.
  • Registrar will then contact you with a new student appointment with the student's assigned school counselor. Parent/legal guardian is not required at this appointment, unless otherwise notified.

Appointment with the Registrar

Note, your appointment with the registrar will NOT be on the same day as when you filled out the online enrollment. 

Student should be prepared to start school that same appointment day, unless notified otherwise.

In some cases, an administrator is part of the enrollment meeting.

Registrar : Jennifer Markley (