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Instructions and rubric

List of names of people arranged by type of activism... choose one. 

Searching for paper books This list indicates whether or not we have books about the person you have chosen for your research. The books are located on the cart. You cannot take the books home, but you can take photos of pages from within the book (take a picture of the title page too, so you can cite the source). To more quickly find your topic/person of interest within the book, use the table of contents (in the front of the book) and index (back of the book). Please keep the books on the cart arranged by category. 

You also have the option of going to the Salem Public Library where you can ask the librarian for assistance to find books. 

Gale Search Tips: 

* If you're worIfking at home, you'll need the password. Click on the link for Passwords on the Research page. 

*Next to the main search box there is an option for Advanced Search. Click on that and type the name of the person you are researching into the "Search Terms" box (not the search box at the top of the page). 

*Put quotation marks around the topic of your search; for example: "Cesar Chavez". 

*Under "document type" select the option "biography" for a general overview of the person's life.

*Online electronic books can be very helpful in providing a concise, comprehensive overview of your topic. Your search results will show magazine articles first, but you can click on the tab for Books. 

*At the bottom of each article or section of a book, you'll see the citation, which you can copy and past. The citation style will default to MLA, but for this project switch to Chicago style.

*If you click on the Google Drive icon, you can save the article directly to your Google drive.  Your school Google account will remain active until a couple months after you graduate. 

*Within Advanced Search you will also see an option under Search Limiters to select Peer-Reviewed Journals

*In some cases it is helpful to try searching for variations of a person's name. For example, if a persons name is listed as Ed, try searching with Edward also.