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Aides with freetime

Options for aides with freetime in the library (no phones please):

Academics: homework, reviewing course materials, making and studying flashcards, etc...

Reading a book

Typing practice games at Look for typing Lessons, Tests, and Games. Nitro Type is a race car typing game. Your car's speed depends on how fast and accurate you type. Challenge Mr. Rick and Mr. Lawrence to a race!

Origami use the free origami paper in the library, and books or Youtube for instructions on making a crane, etc...

Drawing with colored pencils; there are bookmarks and "stained glass" paper you can fill out. 

Career exploration: Use Oregon Career Information System  A great site for discovering what career you might be interested in. Click on the Single Sign-On tab in the upper right part of the screen, then login using your school email and password. 

Learn 3D Design

10 Daily Jobs Aids Can Do Without Asking Permission

Mr. Rick or Mr. Lawrence may have other jobs for you to do that take priority over these jobs,

but feel free to do these jobs until they give you something else to do.

Remember: Don’t use phones during class and homework should be done after library work is finished.


Check in all books (library and textbooks) that have not been checked in at the beginning and end of the period.

If there are any books in either of the drop boxes, check them in.


Do second check-in on all carts that have not had second check-in.  One person will do 1st check-in and a different person will do 2nd check-in. Organize the books on the cart and shelve them or move cart to “Ready to Shelve” area if you do not have time to shelve them.


Re-shelve the fiction and non-fiction books, using the tags if required.  Ask for help if you need it.

Our goal is to have all book that have been turn in, checked in and back on the shelves each period.


Re-shelve the textbooks in their correct location. Ask for help if you need it.  Don’t leave books in random spots.


Re-stock the check-out bookshelves. (World Languages, Literature, Business, Math, Science, Social Studies)


Raise or lower the blinds.  We prefer the blinds to be open unless the sun is shining on people’s faces.


Cover any books on the table that need to be covered with contact paper.


Wipe down the tables and set up the chess pieces, and push in chairs in the North and/or South libraries.  Dust and organize the check-out counter.


Check the book order and straighten the books on the shelves.


Ask Mr. Lawrence if he could use any help with book repair.