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Incoming 9th Grader Honors Declaration

Acceptance into South's honors program is automatic and open to any student willing to take on a challenge and advance their skills in preparation for an IB Education.  Thus, the application is a declaration of intent that will be used to ensure that student choices and actions keep the opportunity of a full IB Diploma an option.

Parents, please review the commitments contained in the declaration your student completes. 

Accepted students must enroll in the following as a freshman:

  1. A World Language: Spanish, German, or French
  2. Engage in the honors options for core classes: English, History, and Science

To be eligible for the full IB Diploma, students should enroll in a math level beyond Algebra I in 9th grade.  For freshman who are recommended for Algebra I, we advise that they take Accelerated Algebra/Geometry instead to stay on track for IB Math Applications.  

In-District Transfer

Need to apply for an in-district transfer to attend South?  This is a separate process and application that must be completed with the district.  Learn more about In-District Transfers on the district website.