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IB Textbook Adoption

IB designs and sets the required curriculum of each subject area, but they do not mandate what resources are to be used to teach each course.  When possible, South High intends to adopt textbook titles that are co-published with IB.  A co-published textbook means that the publisher has worked closely with IB to develop and align the textbook to the IB curriculum. These textbooks have been reviewed by the IBO to ensure they meet IB's quality criteria. A co-published textbook will carry the IB logo.  

IB Textbook Adoption- Parent/Student Survey

Please use the survey to provide your feedback on the following textbooks:

  • IB History- Cambridge: History for the IB Diploma Paper 3 Imperial Russia, Revolution, and the Establishment of the Soviet Union (1855-1924)
  • IB Sports, Exercise, & Health: Oxford: IB Diploma Programme Sports, Exercise, & Health Course Companion
  • IB Visual Arts- Oxford: IB Diploma Programme Visual Arts Course Companion
  • IB Theatre- Ista: The DP Theatre Student Handbook
  • IB Physics- Oxford: Physics IB Course Preparation
  • IB Biology: Oxford: Biology IB Course Preparation
  • IB Chemistry: TBD Summer 2023